Vertical Jump Basic Things We Should Know

For you who interested in sports or doing sports, jump might be one of the most familiar movements that is done in various types of sport. There are many kinds of jump, but based on the direction of the jump, vertical jump has become one of the most important types of jump. Vertical jump is used a lot in many types of sport such as basketball, volleyball, athletics and other. In order to reach the highest vertical jump, you need to find know the correct techniques and exercise that specially designed for improving the vertical jump. Therefore, we are going to discuss all about vertical jump basic things we should know.

What is Vertical Jump?

What is Vertical Jump

Vertical jump is one type of jump based on the direction of the jump. Vertical Jump or also called vertical leap is an act of raising your body vertically by using your own muscle. Simply, vertical jump is when you jump vertically. You may wonder what the different of vertical jump and other types of jump. Direction becomes one of significant factors that distinguish vertical jump and other types of jump. Based on the direction, there are two common types of jump: vertical and horizontal Jump. In vertical jump, the jump is done to reach vertical point, while horizontal jump is done to reach the horizontal point. It is true that both types of jump involve vertical movement of the body, but there are two different purposes of those jumps. In horizontal jump, the purpose of the jump is to move horizontally with the jump.  In vertical jump, the purpose of the jump is to move vertically with the jump.

In vertical jump, it is very important that you jump by using your own muscle. It is means that there is systematic movement of your muscle that allow you to do vertical jump. You may be helped by some technologies in order to jump higher. However, primarily, your muscle is the main factor that allows you to jump. Commonly, in officially measuring how high your vertical jump is, you don’t allow to use any technology.

Type of Vertical Jump

In vertical jump, there are two different types that based on the way you start the jump: standing and running vertical jump. Standing vertical jump is a vertical jump that started by standing position without involving any steps. In this vertical jump, you are not allowed to create a momentum such as walking and running that you help you jump higher. You may rarely see standing vertical jump is used in some types of sport. Commonly, standing vertical jump only used in record-breaking.

Differently, running vertical jump is a vertical jump that started by running. Running aims to add power or momentum that can help you jump higher. Commonly, we can use running vertical jump is used in some types of sport that involve jumping and running such as basketball, volleyball and in athletic. In those types of sport, commonly running is used to help your jump higher.

Where Vertical Jump Is Used

Where Vertical Jump Used

Vertical jump is used in many types of sport. There are many types of sport that involve jump as one of the movement. Let’s say basketball, volleyball, netball, badminton, football, soccer, and many athletic sports.  In those sports, you need to do vertical jump in order to win the game. They way you jump and how high you jump will determine what will happen in the game. For example, in basketball, the one who jump higher can get advantage to get the ball or block the ball. It also happens in volleyball. If you can jump higher, you have better chance to create point by the smash or block the opponent’s smash. In soccer, you can win the heading and score a goal when you can jump higher. In badminton, you can create excellent jumping smash if you are able to do the vertical jump. Beside the function of the vertical jump in those sports, it is common that the vertical jump is measured to know how high the athlete can jump. It can help the athlete set the standard.


vertical Jump Measurement
vertical Jump Measurement

After knowing what vertical jump is and where you can find vertical jump, you may wonder how it can be measured. Generally, there are two methods that can be used to measure the vertical jump. The first way is to ask the athlete to jump in front of the wall. Ensure that the jump is done on the flat surface. You can record the high point that the athlete can reach with standing vertical jump. Before jumping, you can powder the finger tip with chalk. When you jump, touch the wall. You can do the vertical jump several times to reach the highest point. You can measure the standing vertical jump by measuring the distance between the first points that you can reach with the highest point.

The second method that you can use to measure the vertical jump is by using device that uses infrared laser placed at the ground level. This method is simpler and more accurate compared with the first method. When the athlete jump and his/her hand break the laser, the height of vertical jump will be automatically measured. This device has been used regularly in NFL games.

Besides those methods, you can also use another method to measure the vertical jump. You can stack some things. You can measure the stack. After that you can try to jump on the stack. The height of the stack will represent the height of vertical jump that you can reach.

Vertical Jump Score

In measuring standing vertical jump, there are some scores and ratings that will be used. The ratings and the score that used are based on the height of jump. The measurement is also based on the gender. The ratings consist of excellent, very good, above average, average, below average, poor and very poor. For males, the scores are around 21 to 70 cm and for females, the scores are around 11 to 60 cm. For males, you can get excellent if you can jump 70 cm and above, very good if you can jump 61-70 cm, above average if you jump 51-60 cm, average if you can jump 41-50 cm, bellow average if you can jump 31-40 cm, poor if you jump 21-30 cm, and very poor if you can only jump under 21 cm. 41-50 cm is the average of vertical jump for males.

For females, you can get excellent if you can jump 60 cm and above, very good if you can jump 51-60 cm, above average if you can jump 41-50 cm, average if you can jump 31-40 cm, bellow average if you jump 21-30 cm, poor if you can only jump 11-20 cm and very poor if you can only jump under 11 cm. 31-40 cm is the average of vertical jump for females.

How to Do Vertical Jump

In order to do vertical jump, basically, there are two common movements that should be considered: movement of the legs and arm swing. In the movement of the legs, you need to quickly bend your leg that aims to collect the enough power and create a perfect momentum to rise your body up. The movement of your arm also will determine how high your vertical jump is. In doing the vertical jump, you need to swing your arms right after you jump. The swing of your arm will help you rise your body up higher. It will significantly increase the height of your jump compared when you don’t involve any arm swing. Actually, when you take off, you will naturally your arm. You just need to be aware with arm swing.

How to Improve Vertical Jump

vertical run - op

For you who play in some sports that require you do vertical jump or leap, you might have experienced a moment when you feel that you don’t jump as high as you expected. It can be serious problem because it can influence the whole game or the result. Therefore, improving vertical jump should be seriously considered. You may wonder how to improve your vertical jump. There are some ways that you can use to increase vertical jump.

The first thing is to get the muscle knot out your legs. Muscle knot or commonly called trigger point can be found in your body. It can restrict the length of your muscle tissue. When the length of our muscle tissue is restricted, it can result in short and weaker muscle tissue. It will influence your vertical jump. Therefore, you should get the muscle knot out your legs. Then how you can release the muscle knot? To release the muscle knot, you can use a foam roller. You need to focus on moving slowly and stop on the tender spot until the knot releases. Besides using foam roller, you also use other method such as calves, IT band, and quads.

The second thing is to strengthen your legs. Your legs will give your power to do vertical jump. Therefore, it is very important to do some exercise that you can strengthen your legs. One of the most effective ways to strengthen your legs is to do Bulgarian split squats. By doing Bulgarian split squats, you don’t only strengthen your leg, but also improve your balance. Bulgarian split squats is one type of squats that require a bench. To do the Bulgarian split squats, you need to stand in front of the bench with your back facing the bench. After that, you should put one of your feet on the bench. You have to ensure that your leg that you put on the bench is straight starting from your toe to the knee. Then, you can start to bend another leg for doing the squats. When you do the squat, you should keep your chest up.

Improving your jump without practicing your jump is useless. Therefore you need to do some exercises that will practice your jump. One of the most effective ways is depth jump. It will improve your reaction time and activate your lower body muscle when you jump. It will significantly improve your vertical jump. Depth jump is performed by stepping of the box and immediately jump to another box once you land on the ground. To do the depth jump, you should stand on a 6 to 8 inches box. You also need to prepare another box that a bit higher and put it in front of the first box. Ensure that you have enough space to step off. After everything is ready, you can step off the box. As soon as you touch the ground, you should immediately explode or jump onto the next box.

Beside depth jump, you can also practice with knee-to-feet jumps. With practicing with knee-to-feet jumps, you can improve your lower body power that can also improve you vertical jump or leap. To start doing knee-to-feet jump, you should make a kneeling position. Before you jump, you should swing your arms to help you create enough momentum as you jump. After that you should jump forward and bring your legs and feet underneath you in the squat position. After you land in the squat position, you should come back to the kneeling position again and repeat the process.

Highest Vertical Jump

After you know about vertical jump and how to improve it, you may wonder about the highest vertical jump that has ever made. According to Guinness World Record, the world record vertical jump was made by Even Ungar in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, on 13 Mey 2016. Officially, he could vertically jump in 1.616 meter. Evan broke the record at one One Health Club in Oakville, in front of 100 people that become the witnesses. He jumped on a chair with a stack of barbells on it. He successfully landed on the top of barbells in the first chance.

Improving your vertical jump is difficult, but not impossible. With regular exercise, you can reach your highest vertical jump. That’s all about vertical jump. Hopefully, this information can inspire, motivate, and encourage you to improve your vertical jump.

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