Vert Shock Review Vertical Jump Training Program

Those who are not aware of the incredible benefits of practicing vertical jump may not be able to realize the unique benefits of this program. But yes, the dedicated athletes and health conscious people will find it quite useful for their routines. Although there are so many products available in the market for your vertical jump needs but not all of them are good for your needs. It is really important to search the right program that can meet needs of versatile athletes with some of the best vertical jump programs.

I feel that jumping is one of the most essential activities for human beings. We often find ourselves in such situations where we are left with the only situation that is to jump. For example, we need to pick a cabinet from top most shelve in the kitchen; how many of you will think of moving to the living room, bring a bench and then step on to get that thing? At least not me! When we are already tired then we would prefer to jump instead to pick that cabinet and the problem will be solved instantly. Like this, there are so many routine movements in our life that force us to jump but your body must be able to perform this task with right movement; otherwise, you may face some troubles. If you follow the wrong movement then it may cause a harmful pull to your body and then you may have to go for a bed rest. Thus, it is recommended to follow a vertical jump training program that can ensure right posture for your jumps.

What is a Vertical Jump?

Vertical Jump is well-known as a physical exercise that helps people to test the power of their muscles and legs with a fitness parameter. Actually, the vertical jump is one of the simplest types of exercise where a person needs to rely on strength of his leg muscles when the body is motivated to take a jump. Note that, it is not possible to perform jump immediately to achieve best results because different parts of your body need to get prepared to handle the action. Here are few essential steps that you need to follow before jumping:

  • First of all, you need to make a lowering motion by simply bending your knees. It is the first step to collect power for your leg muscles so that they can get ready to handle the jump. It also helps to save energy that will be otherwise wasted completely to complete the jumping motion.
  • Once you have bent your knees then next task is to focus on stepping force of your foot so that you can achieve the maximum height as per your need to complete current task.

Now, here the overall height achieved by vertical jump can help you to determine the overall explosive power of your leg muscles. This explosive power of muscles shows the range of capabilities that group of muscles has in your body and with this knowledge, you can have some insights about your body’s actual ability to perform explosive jobs with enough strength. Such types of analysis are mostly needed by athletes that use to play some active games like volleyball, basketball or short range running etc.

Studies reveal that men can achieve maximum jump of 16 to 20 inches with routine practice whereas, for women, this range is somewhere around 12 to 16 inches. If you are not able to reach up to this limit that means your body is not having right strength in muscles and they are not able to support this action. But don’t worry! This ability can be easily improved by following a good vertical jump training program like “Vert Shock” as professional guidelines help your muscles to achieve maximum strength. Even, with regular practice on vertical jump training program, one of my friends was able to reach up to 20 inches.

Who Can Get Benefits from “Vert Shock” Vertical Jumping Program?

As already mentioned Vert Shock program is highly beneficial for athletes who use to participate in games like volleyball, basketball, and running activities etc. But the applications of vertical jump training program does not end here; there are many other people who can avail incredible benefits from such specialized training solutions.

Weightlifters can find this Vert Shock vertical jump training system highly useful for their profession as it helps to improve their performance. It can help them to improve their ability to increase their weightlifting abilities with right jumps. Other than this, the Olympic and Sumo Wrestlers can also find this program quite useful for gaining strength for their leg muscles. Most of the people believe on a common myth that weight lifting needs strength in arms only but the fact is that strength of leg muscles also matters equally to avoid jerks. The right force is generated from legs so that arms can stay active to handle the weight so long. Without proper vertical jumps, weightlifters and wrestlers may end up causing harm to their body parts by facing muscle injuries.

Most of the professional trainers prefer to use vertical jump training programs to improve abilities and strength of muscles for their athletes. The vertical jump program consists of several exercises that can be followed to improve overall muscle strength to perform high in specific sports activities.


  • I found this training program easy to follow with simple and easy to follow instructions.
  • Within few days, I was able to observe improvement in muscle strength.
  • This is a low-cost solution to achieve improved results in sports activities.


  • Beginners may find it little difficult to follow.

The Bottom Line:

If you are also an athlete or sports lover and often spend time in the field then it is good to start with the trustworthy Vert Shock vertical jump program right now. It will soon help you to achieve the best performance by improving abilities of your muscles. The best part is that the vertical jump training exercises included in Vert Shock are not going to leave any side-effect on your body so why not to avail all the benefits from this interesting program.

It is designed by professionals that have huge knowledge about how to perform physical activities accurately without facing any jerk or injury. The Vert Shock program involves some of the best set of exercises that are well proven to leave best results and can ensure long term strength in muscles. These techniques are suitable for male as well as female athletes.

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