Implement A Useful Physical Exercise With The Highest Vertical Jump

One of the sports that can be done to maintain the fitness is to get used to do the highest vertical jump which is one type of exercise that is always used by athletes. Currently, many people have been conscious to maintain their health by doing various ways to maintain the pattern of life such as eating regularly with nutritious foods, keeping an enough time to get rest and exercising. Exercise, in this case, has a variety of types such as leisurely sports and weight training which both have good benefits for maintaining body fitness. In the professional life of athletes, the vertical jump is usually used as one of the physical fitness tests to determine the endurance of the athlete’s body. However, that does not mean this type of sport can not be applied to everyone. In fact, this type of exercise is not necessarily easy to do in the first experiment but it takes practice so someone can do the vertical jump properly. This type of sport is included into the sport that can be done by anyone both men and women who are still able to make a leap. Therefore, in this article will be discussed about the vertical jump and its benefits for the body.

The Definition of Vertical Jump

Vertical jump is one type of exercise that is often used as one of the test instruments in physical fitness tests that are useful for knowing the explosive power of the leg muscles. Basically, a vertical jump is one of the simplest types of exercise by relying on the strength of the leg muscles as a body booster when doing a jump. Movement jumping on this sport certainly can not be done in vain because it must pass through several stages so that the body is really ready to jump. Here are some steps that must be done before jumping, namely:

  1. Make a lowering motion by bending both knees. The motion of bending the knee in the first stage is intended for gather the power that used to jump which entirely comes from the leg muscles. So not all the energy contained in the body is wasted just to make a jumping motion.
  2. After bending both knees, aim all the stepping force on the foot after that do the jumping motion as high as you can.

The height of the jumps that performed can be used to determine the explosive power of the leg muscles. Muscle explosive power is a capability possessed by a group of muscles or a muscle in the human body in terms of doing an explosive job, is fast and strong. In general, the ability of muscular explosive power is needed by professional athletes who take part in sports volleyball, the short range running, basketball and others. In the development of this type of sport, in 2013 Marc Briggs created a guide in determining the quality of a person’s vertical jump. Where the average vertical jump for men is 16-20 inches and women 12-16 inches. For someone who does a vertical jump below 16 inches, the vertical jump is still less than the maximum marked by the power of the leg muscles are still low because rarely do exercises that can strengthen the leg muscles. Sometimes the mentioned measurements can not be used universally because of the differences in sex and age on everyone who does the vertical jump. However, it can be said that a person who is capable of reaching a height above 20 inches is a person with excellent automotive footfalls.

Highest Vertical Jump World Record

In general, a perfect vertical jump performed by professional athletes such as athletes basketball, soccer, volleyball and others. One of them is a football athlete named Kadour Ziani who currently maintains the world record highest vertical jump as an athlete with the highest jump of reaching 60 inches. Such a very high jump can be done because he has a very high muscle endurance due to accustomed to activity using leg muscles. In addition to Kadour Ziani, in NBA history one name was recorded in the highest vertical jump record as one of the basketball players named Michael Jordan who has the highest jump where the jumping height reaches 48 inches. In this case, there are two types of the vertical jump where both are always used by professional athletes in competing, namely:

  1. Standing vertical jump, where one does not take additional steps before jumping. So the thing that needs to be done is just bending over and jumping as hard as possible.
  2. Running the vertical jump, where one takes a few extra steps in the form of running before performing the vertical jump core stage. Stages that run to function to increase leg muscle power before doing the core movement to jump.

Method Of Measurement In Vertical Jump

In this case, vertical jump measurements are generally applied to athletes to know the height of jumps and explosive power of their leg muscles. In carrying out measurements, it is usually done in a traditional way without the slightest technology. At the time of the traditional test, the participant who will run the test will be allowed to stand on a plane with a flat board attached to the wall in front of him. Furthermore, participants will be required to make two jumps. Before making the jump, the participant’s hands are spiked with lime after which participants are allowed to jump twice. At the first jump, the participants were asked to place their hands on the first board when they felt they had reached the boundary of the jump and then the second jump also on the second board. Then to measure the height of the jump, the value team will calculate the difference in distance between the first jump and the second jump. In this case, the distance is the real height of the jump.

The Benefit Of Doing Vertical Jump

Sports in any form must have the excellent benefits for maintaining health and improving physical fitness. In this case, vertical jump is very useful to train the muscles of the body, especially the leg muscles to be stronger and minimize the risk of muscle often experience cramps. In addition, vertical jump is useful to train the explosive force of leg muscles so it can perform heavy activities, especially those that focus on the leg muscles.

So this article hopefully can help you in choosing the right kind of sport and can help you to reach the highest vertical jump as one of your fitness exercises.


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