How to Increase Vertical Jump – Best Practices

How to Increase Vertical Jump – Having good ability in vertical jump helps us to do some kinds of sports like basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. Besides, it is known also as a method to increase your body’s height and flexibility. Unfortunately, not all people are that lucky to do the vertical jump optimally. There are many factors anyway. The factors are related to the current height, stamina, and the lack of exercises. Well, if you want to improve your skills in some sports requiring vertical jump, it is so much better to improve this jump at first. So, how is it? Check them out.

 Measure and Analyze Your Current Jump’s Height

vertical Jump Measurement
vertical Jump Measurement

Once you are not satisfied with your jump, it means that the jump is classified as short. You can measure at first your current vertical jump. You can do it by asking your friend to watch you while you are jumping near a wall. Then, your friend can make a dot to sign the height of jump you have done. You can start improve your vertical jumping skill by adding some centimeters from your previous achievement as your new target. It can be started from 20 cm at first. After achieving the new target, you can add another 20 cm as the newer target. Well, you can do it until your real target is reached. The ideal height to be reached by someone who does vertical jump is around your own hand being lifted up. Therefore, you must reach it at least. However, it is better if you can do more than that. of course, for optimum result, you must do this activity regularly. Make sure to spare around 15 minutes of your time to make your new targets.

Skipping Rope

Vertical Jump Skipping Rope - op
Vertical Jump Skipping Rope – op

This is probably a sort of interesting sport you started to play since you are kids. Although this method is too common, it is effective to improve your vertical jump. Skipping rope is helpful enough to strengthen your legs’ muscles used while jumping vertically. To do it, you need a hard and wide floor by enlarging the distance between your head and rope. Make sure to do this exercise from 15 to 20 minutes every day. At the first time, it is no matter to skip rope in slower speed while learning to keep your body balance. But when you are good enough, try to do it faster while still keeping the balance. It is better not to jump with one leg or do the movement of run in place. You must jump with two legs in the same time with both legs are enclosed each others. You can buy Skipping rope at amazon on this link.

Vertical Run

vertical run - op
vertical run – op

Vertical run is an activity of running on the stairs. Commonly, you are attempted to run in a multi-storey building with the highest floor as the finish line. Sure, you don’t need to find a building to do so. Just use the stair in your house. You can do up and down movement continuously around 10 minutes. What is actually the relationship between vertical run and vertical jump? They are indeed definitely different. However, similar to skipping rope, it can help you to strengthen the muscles of legs. Consequently, you can be stronger and more flexible while doing vertical jump.


squat - op
squat – op

Good squat is when the lower part of your body along with the stomach and back is able to contract well, here are some exercises you can try. First, it is general squat. Open your legs in shoulder width and keep your heels to touch the floor. Slowly, lower your body by folding the knees. Keep the back and next to be upright. Then, back to the first position. Do it around 3 sets; each set consists of 10 squats.

Second, there is squat with additional weight. Make a position with legs similar to the general squat; open them in shoulder width. Lift the weight using hands between the two legs. You can start it from lighter weight for around 3 or 4 pounds. But if you think it is too light, just add more from 5 to 8 pounds. Do squat as usual along with lifting the weight. When you want to go back to stand up position, lift your body until it is perfectly upright while lifting your hands up. To repeat the movement, lower your hands with weight between the legs. Do it in 3 sets; each set consists of 5 squats.

Third, you can do jumping squat. What is it? Make sure to make an initial position like the two squats explained above. Then, do the squat as low as possible. While other squats let you to go back to the first position slowly, you must jump in this method. Try to jump and round for 180 degree. Then, you can land in squat position, not standing up. You can repeat it by changing the direction of rotation. The jumping squat can be done in 3 sets; each set consists of 5 squats.

Exercises for Calves

calf excercises - op
calf excercises – op

Again, the main purpose of calves’ exercises is to strengthen the muscles as well as improve its ability to jump. There are some kinds of exercises you can do to train the calves. The most recommended one for your vertical jumping is tiptoe exercises. It is by walking only using the tiptoes. Do it for several times. Since all of the burden will be on the front part of soles, you can feel the muscles of calves more stretchable. Go back to the initial position. You should do it in slowly. At the first time, the tiptoe exercise can be done only around 20 times.

Jumping Exercises with Swinging Hands

vertical jump swing hands
vertical jump swing hands

Particularly if you want to concentrate more in vertical jumping for basketball or volleyball, it means the whole body must move. The most important thing to move is your hands. Swinging hands helps you to jump higher as long as it is done in right way. Although this kind of jumping must be done spontaneously, it is not bad to train your body. First of all, place your hands on the sides of body and then fold your elbows. When jumping, swing the hands until they equal to your hands. To make this jumping a habit, you must do it for around 10 times. Repeat this method while do the exercises every day.

Check Your Vertical Jumping

After doing all the efforts mentioned above, you can check your vertical ability now. It is similar to the first point. You can do the vertical jump while your friend is watching and giving a sign. Are you still not satisfied with the results? You can repeat the process by doing the exercises. Then, check it again to see the development.

Aside from doing those exercises, there are also some important matters you must know. During the time period of doing efforts to improve your vertical jumping, make sure also to watch some matters below.

The Nutrition Consumed

good nutrition vertical jump
good nutrition vertical jump

Although the exercises to practice sound simple, it requires you to be strong and healthy. That’s why, what you consume is really important. Even before starting to do those efforts, make sure to eat only good foods. You may add the consumption of foods contained carbohydrate and protein. Carbohydrate is a good source of energy. You must not worry of being fat or something since with such movement, this nutrition can be simply burnt. Meanwhile, protein is also necessary for the muscle’s formation. Therefore, not only are they important for vertical jump, you can shape your body as well. Something not to forget, it is pure water. Rather than drinking sweet beverage, pure water is more recommended for its ability to keep your body metabolism balance.

Warming Up

Whatever the exercises or sports you want to do, warming up is a really important process. It is basically to stretch your muscle to prevent your body from injury. The warming up can be done for around 5 minutes before exercises. Meanwhile, it is important as well to cool down your body after that. Doing other activities directly after exercises is also not allowed for injury possibilities.

Don’t Force Yourself

It is understandable that you may want to reach the target immediately. However, it is not recommended to force yourself when your body is no longer able to. Meanwhile, there is a fact that condition of one person to another tends to be different. Your friends may be able to do all the exercises non-stop in a day. However, you probably cannot do them in the same way. if you think you are already tired, just take a rest. Let your muscles relax for a while and recover before continuing your exercises. Actually, this is also only the matter of time and habit. At the first time you start the exercises, it is impossible for your body to be really strong and capable. However, it can also be improved after a couple of days.

It is very important then to make a schedule when you must do the squat, the skipping rope, vertical run, and the others. You can also check the ability of vertical jump once for three or four days. So, those are what you must do regarding how to increase vertical jump.

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