Highest Vertical Jump in NBA History

Highest Vertical Jump in NBA History – We have all seen what seems to be the highest vertical jump in NBA. But with so many of those NBA stars heroically dunking the ball and piling up one score after another, we cannot help but wonder about how high they actually jump vertically and if there is one unbeatable record holder when it comes to this incredible strength display. If there is indeed a record, how high is it and who is the record holder? Is it the veteran athlete we all know and love, Michael Jordan? Or is it the rising star, LeBron James?

We have all seen how Michael Jordan effortlessly brought himself up as if he was born to fly during his glorious days. And we certainly have seen how LeBron James almost injured his head because his jump brought him too close to the rim. So it is quite a challenge for us to be certain on who actually holds the crown.

Every single physically healthy individual is able to jump, but how many of us can actually jump as high as these incredible NBA stars? What is supposed to be a simple body movement is elevated to the highest heights by these athletes – in more ways than one. These stars stand out from the average people and also from the rest of the world, all thanks to their insane workout regimen. The importance of vertical jump in this sport is not to be questioned.

Yes, a basketball player should be able to jump high. But who would have thought that there is more than meets the eye when it comes to vertical jump? In practicality, vertical jump is not a movement used solely as a tool to jump and score, it is also used as a measuring tool in order to determine an athlete’s explosive strength, overall power, and their raw ability to use it. It is likened to a car engine where its horsepower is used to accelerate from 0 to 60 in just a few seconds.

Vertical jump is when an athlete raises their own center of gravity only by relying on the power generated by the muscles in their lower body part. When a basketball player is capable of jumping vertically, there is no question in their capability of controlling the ball in the court. This is the primary reason why the higher their vertical jump is, the more valued they are as a part of the team. You can also learn how to increase vertical jump or read review on vert shock vertical jump training program at our website. So which one of these basketball stars has recorded the highest vertical jump in the history of NBA? Read on to find out.

Wilt Chamberlain – 48 inches

It may come off as a surprise to many Jordan fanatics, but the man to ever make a record of the highest vertical jump in NBA is Wilt Chamberlain. Towering at 7 feet and 1 inch, the star who was famously referred to as “Wilt the Stilt” was highly regarded as the most dominant force in the history of this sport. Yes, the man had the ability to jump vertically for a whopping 48-inches, but that is not the only thing that makes him an unbeatable force.

Many would wonder about the same thing, at 300 pounds and with height of over 7 feet, how could a man that tall and heavy manage to bring himself to jump so high? But if they know just how exceptional he was, it should not be a surprise at all. Chamberlain was widely known as an all-around exceptional athlete with astounding explosive strength and power.

He was capable of sprinting 100 yard in just 10.9 seconds, throwing an over 56-feet shot, doing 50-feet triple jumps, and winning the NCAAs Big Eight Conference’s high jump for three consecutive years. Not only that, up to this day, Chamberlain is the only NBA start to have scored an incredible 100 points in a single game match. With this information, it is not a surprise that Chamberlain could jump vertically for 48-inches and set the record in the sport. See more Wilt’s statistics at this link.

Darrell Griffith – 46 inches

Perhaps not a lot of people ever heard of Griffith, but the man spectacularly made a record of 46 inch vertical jump. He was two inches shy from the record made by Chamberlain, making him the owner of the second highest vertical jump in NBA history. At 6 feet and 4 inches and weigh about 190 pounds at the time of his career, the Utah Jazz’ player managed to wow the crowd when he jumped and his head was reportedly seen at about 4 inches above the basket’s rim.

As a basketball player, he may not be a household name such as Michael Jordan, but Griffith was just as excellent. As a shooting guard, he managed to score a total of 12,391 points in the span of 10 years. An incredible achievement that led Utah Jazz to the decision to retire his jersey number at the time of his retirement. Griffith was never given Slam Dunk awards, but the extensive list of awards he has received along with his 46 inch vertical jump is enough proof of how excellent he was as an athlete.

Michael Jordan – 46 inches

Who doesn’t know Michael Jordan? Everyone agrees that when he plays basketball, he doesn’t jump – he flies. Yes, his rare flying ability is where he earns his ‘Air Jordan’ moniker. Some people would perhaps question what is so special about him now that they have found out there is another basketball player with the same vertical jump record. While it is true that Griffith has recorded the 46 inch vertical jump long before him, Michael Jordan is famous for his ability to revolutionize the movement.

Known as the best dunkers that have ever graced the NBA, no one can quite do it like Jordan. This everyone’s favorite shooting guard is popular for his incredibly elegant dunk where it is shot beautifully from the free-throw line. When it comes to vertical jump, at the beginning of his career, the University of North Carolina extensively tested his vertical jump ability and it was found that his jump was close to 42 inches. However, the number changed over the years as Jordan got stronger and better as an athlete.

Spud Webb – 46 inches

Born as Anthony Jerome Webb, the point guard who is more widely known as Spud Webb was a sensational NBA player. In the history of this sport, Spud Webb could be considered unique due to his weight. He was known as one of the shortest NBA players which was quite unusual in nature. At just 5 feet 7 inches and 133 pounds, Webb was initially believed to end up playing for the Globetrotters due to his body measurement. But much to everyone’s surprise, he was drafted by the Detroit Pistons.

The first six seasons of his career was spent with the Atlanta Hawks, but statistically speaking, his career really took off to the greatest heights when he was in Sacramento Kings. The sensation did not end there, Webb continued to make a name for himself when he miraculously won the 1986 NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Spectators were initially skeptical simply because there were not a lot of basketball players under 5 feet 10 inches that have the ability to do 360-degree dunk, Webb proved them wrong once again.

He ended up winning the contest and at the same time with his 46 inch vertical jump. This victory also the mark of the end of Dominique Wilkins’ reign. Wilkins, a legend in the NBA Slam Dunk contest who also happened to be his teammate, was beat up by Webb in the 1986 contest.

LeBron James – 44 inches

Have you ever wondered about LeBron James vertical jump? King James, as he is called, is one of the most highly promoted and sought after basketball player in history. He gained attention and became incredibly popular even long before he graduated high school. His basketball prowess was caught by various national media outlets during his high school game match. At the time he was quickly hailed as the next NBA star. A great player who deserves to be on the highest vertical jump in nba list.

The news about him traveled fast and as soon as he graduated from high school, he was picked up by Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2003 NBA Draft. His professional career started with the Cavaliers, although the team’s record sank, his individual accomplishment as a player was not to be questioned. He eventually left Cavaliers for Miami Heat, which drew waves of backlash. Despite the rocky start, James was able to bring Heat to victory.

Unlike many NBA stars who struggle in the beginning of their career, James had it fairly easy. Obviously it wasn’t just handed to him for free. His accomplishments and awards show that he indeed lives to the hype the national media has surrounded him with. James, who is built more like an NFL player than an NBA player, is indeed one of the best athletes. Both in terms of explosive strength, power, as well as basketball skills. Stands at 6 feet 8 inches, James is just 2 inches shy from Jordan’s highest vertical jump in NBA record.

Nate Robinson – 43.5 inches

Joining the rank of short players, Robinson at 5 feet 9 inches may not be as short as Webb. But in the sea of men standing over 6 feet, it is no wonder he was considered small. Despite his height, Robinson has long been one of the most incredible contributors. He has played for quite a few teams over the years, beginning with New York Knicks from 2005 to 2010 and after his team-hopping ways, he finally settles with Guaros de Lara at the time of this writing.

Robinson’s career is nothing short of spectacular, as evidenced from his long list of both team and individual accomplishments. However, one of the best accomplishments he has achieved is to be the only basketball player to have ever won three trophies from Slam Dunk Competition consecutively. An accomplishment no other players have ever achieved up to this day. With his 43.5 inch highest vertical jump in NBA record, there is no doubt that Robinson is one of the best.

Vince Carter – 43 inches

The Sacramento Kings’ point guard may not be anywhere near the record of Michael Jordan’s with his own 43 inch vertical jump, but there is no doubt that he is one the most incredible players. Not only is he well-liked by many for his impressive talents and power, he is also very popular for his ability to entertain the masses. When he plays, he does not only focus on winning, Carter also focuses on entertaining a crowd of spectators.

Carter does so with his astounding slam dunks and vertical jump ability. However, it is worth noting that despite his jaw-dropping skills and explosive strength, he has only managed to secure one victory from the infamous Slam Dunk Contest. But this is largely due to the fact that he has only participated in the competition once. These days, only a handful of NBA players still participate in the festivities which explains his one-time victory.

Dominique Wilkins – 42 inches

Born as Jacques Dominique Wilkins on January 12th, this 9-time NBA All-Star began his career with Atlanta Hawks. His professional career quickly took off as he brought the Hawks won back-to-back, an impressive 4 consecutive 50-victory seasons of the decade. His excellent dunks and impressive athletic ability earned him the “The Human Highlight Film.” moniker.

The man is a legendary icon on his own right. Having registered 26,668 points with 7,169 rebounds in the span of his career, it’s not hard to see why. Wilkins’ trademarked extremely powerful dunk is still one of the best dunks that we all have had the privilege to witness.

Well-known as an acrobatic scoreman, Wilkins’ greatest strength point lies in his power. This power is also applied to his dunks. Yes, with either one or both hands to start the movement by using a windmill method, Wilkins always manage to quickly and effortlessly bring himself up and powerfully score with his dunks. This led him to win Slam Dunk competitions for consecutive years, and while he managed to record his highest vertical jump in NBA history, he is now enjoying retirement life.

So there is the list of player who has the highest vertical jump in nba history. Feel free to leave a comment below if you know other nba player who hold highest vertical jump in nba records.

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