Month: November 2017

Jump Manual Review Pros and Cons

jump manual review

Many people want to buy Jump Manual program. But, some of them feel so doubt because don’t understand well about Jump Manual. When it happens to you, you should know about Jump Manual review first. Yes, there are so many people who have used Jump Manual and get a good result. How about you? Are you interested in using Jump Manual? If so, you should read some reviews below to know more about Jump Manual—whether it is good for you.

What is Jump Manual?

Having ability to jump so high is really amazing, especially for an athlete. If you are a person who joins basketball team, having ability to jump higher is really useful. Nowadays, people do so many exercises to be able to jump as high as he can. But, sometime exercise is not enough. Some people feel so tired because of jump exercise, but the result is not visible. When it happens, it is time for you to use a program that will guide you. A program that will give you so many benefits, and finally makes you able to jump so high. What is the program? Yes, that is Jump Manual or

There are so many people who want to jump so high, such as people who join basketball team, volleyball team, and also people who are long jump athletes. By using … Read More

Highest Vertical Jump in NBA History

Highest Vertical Jump in NBA

Highest Vertical Jump in NBA History – We have all seen what seems to be the highest vertical jump in NBA. But with so many of those NBA stars heroically dunking the ball and piling up one score after another, we cannot help but wonder about how high they actually jump vertically and if there is one unbeatable record holder when it comes to this incredible strength display. If there is indeed a record, how high is it and who is the record holder? Is it the veteran athlete we all know and love, Michael Jordan? Or is it the rising star, LeBron James?

We have all seen how Michael Jordan effortlessly brought himself up as if he was born to fly during his glorious days. And we certainly have seen how LeBron James almost injured his head because his jump brought him too close to the rim. So it is quite a challenge for us to be certain on who actually holds the crown.

Every single physically healthy individual is able to jump, but how many of us can actually jump as high as these incredible NBA stars? What is supposed to be a simple body movement is elevated to the highest heights by these athletes – in more ways than one. These stars stand out from the average people and also from the rest of the world, all… Read More

Vertical Jump Basic Things We Should Know

Vertical Jump Basic Things We Should Know

For you who interested in sports or doing sports, jump might be one of the most familiar movements that is done in various types of sport. There are many kinds of jump, but based on the direction of the jump, vertical jump has become one of the most important types of jump. Vertical jump is used a lot in many types of sport such as basketball, volleyball, athletics and other. In order to reach the highest vertical jump, you need to find know the correct techniques and exercise that specially designed for improving the vertical jump. Therefore, we are going to discuss all about vertical jump basic things we should know.

What is Vertical Jump?

Vertical jump is one type of jump based on the direction of the jump. Vertical Jump or also called vertical leap is an act of raising your body vertically by using your own muscle. Simply, vertical jump is when you jump vertically. You may wonder what the different of vertical jump and other types of jump. Direction becomes one of significant factors that distinguish vertical jump and other types of jump. Based on the direction, there are two common types of jump: vertical and horizontal Jump. In vertical jump, the jump is done to reach vertical point, while… Read More

How to Increase Vertical Jump – Best Practices

How to Increase Vertical Jump

How to Increase Vertical Jump – Having good ability in vertical jump helps us to do some kinds of sports like basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. Besides, it is known also as a method to increase your body’s height and flexibility. Unfortunately, not all people are that lucky to do the vertical jump optimally. There are many factors anyway. The factors are related to the current height, stamina, and the lack of exercises. Well, if you want to improve your skills in some sports requiring vertical jump, it is so much better to improve this jump at first. So, how is it? Check them out.

 Measure and Analyze Your Current Jump’s Height

Once you are not satisfied with your jump, it means that the jump is classified as short. You can measure at first your current vertical jump. You can do it by asking your friend to watch you while you are jumping near a wall. Then, your friend can make a dot to sign the height of jump you have done. You can start improve your vertical jumping skill by adding some centimeters from your previous achievement as your new target. It can be started from 20 cm at first. After achieving the new target, you can add another 20 cm as the newer target. Well, you can do it until… Read More